Our Perspective

Our perspective is one of comprehensive restoration, for we all are born into specific generational destructive patterns with which we must contend. Understanding simply must be pursued in order to break free from the ensnarement set within our own minds. Familial structures of belief into which we were born must be evaluated if we are to be afforded the opportunity to  establish our  own belief system. Life is often wrought with traumatic experiences which taint perspectives and complicate our lives. 


Built within our created order is the capacity of a small child to self-protect at the deepest levels of being. When that which was granted to a small child as a God-given defense mechanism from an intolerable place of no escape becomes a primary coping mechanism that then develops into a perpetual state of escapism from life, the protective walls of false security that were established then become an elaborate system of entrapment.  The restoration of humanity is by natural design a process of transformation. It is one of reflection, of choosing, and of significant change. When a person is willing and begins to face his divided heart that was so  formed by extreme conflict early in life, the protective barriers soon dissipate. Each individual must face his own divided heart if he is to transcend the deception of self protection and rejection to embrace himself in the wholeness of his created order.

Sanctuary Counseling and Evangelistic Ministries offers comprehensive Clinical Christian Counseling services from a pastoral heart.  Dedicated to the healing of families through the restoration of individuals, we systematically address the destructive dynamics  that have been generationally perpetuated, thus producing well proven and consistently profound results. 

Sanctuary Counseling
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