Sanctuary Counseling
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Temperament Therapy

Temperament Therapy is the featured discipline of the National Christian Counselors Association and has been selected as the formal intake process of Sanctuary Counseling. The counseling pattern is a well defined five-step plan that affords the client an expected end and an achievable goal. The final session is designated to review the recommended measures designed to bring the temperament into balance, as well as to provide an opportunity to explore the non-temperament issues for which the client may desire counseling in a different venue. 


Temperament Counseling is an approach which is effective within a full range of relational dynamics, but counselees must first come to an understanding of themselves and their specific temperament tendencies before they can begin to understand those of another. Sessions are structured in such a way as to best effectuate relational harmony within the context of family dynamics, and to do so apart from placing financial burden upon the family. 


Couples must individually complete the five session process before beginning counseling together. This is necessary in order to facilitate resolution to the temperament dynamics and conflicts which are between them. Parents must also first complete the Temperament Counseling intake phase before bringing children into the counseling dynamic. We identify and address the inborn temperament needs of the individual before exploring relationship conflicts in various arrangements.  Temperament perspectives are a powerful dynamic within all relationships. Temperament attributes are innate and when addressed with understanding response resounds from within. It is as if the inner man found recognition for the first time and had been previously hidden in dark recesses. People hide in a diversity of instinctive mannerisms, yet all desire to be truly seen.