Sanctuary Counseling
       & Evangelistic Ministries

The Counselor

The ministry of true counseling is alone an expression of "The Counselor," Who is the Holy Spirit of the Triune and Sovereign God, The Creator of us all.

The attribute of counseling is Biblically witnessed within the context of the Office of the Prophet, and no other.  For there is a depth of priestly intercession required to understand the very heart of another in such a way as to be able to mercifully cause a man to face himself in the most painfully deceptive recesses of his being.

It is repentance and the embracing of one's self at this depth that empowers a man to experience the wonder of wholeness. The most profound question ever asked by The Master was, and is still, "Wilt thou be made whole." It is always a very personal choice.

While a person who is called as a counselor may yield to the process of seasoned maturity and developed skill to understand and well communicate within the bounds of humanity, there is a wisdom that only comes on the breath of God and a transformation that is by His touch alone.