Sanctuary Counseling
       & Evangelistic Ministries

Phase II 

Ministerial Credentials

Mastering Pastoral Counseling

Temperament Case Studies

Counseling the Codependent

Additional Requirements: Complete a practicum of administering the A.P.S. to 15 additional individuals under clinical supervisor. 

Upon completion submit a signed application for N.C.C.A. license and notification and Release Form for Personal National  Screening 
Submit current ministerial credentials and a  licensing fee of $100.

Complete Phase III: Candidates must select and complete six (6) advanced courses
Additional Requirements upon completion  submit the following:

Written responses to a 500 Question Open Book Equivalency Exam on the Bible (Old and New Testament KJV

A signed letter authorizing N.C.C.A. to transfer the academic records to the approved  college
Matriculation and transfer fees of $1500 to N.C.C.A through your Clinical Supervisor at Sanctuary Institute of Clinical Pastoral Counseling