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Career Counseling

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Dr. Teri Keith possess a wealth of experience and is available to bring direction to those seeking a professional career path, or to those who are simply seeking viable employment. A Vocational Temperament Profile can be generated from a highly accurate and simple questionnaire which can assist you in understanding and evaluating how certain Temperament Traits directly translate to specific employment positions and career paths.

For example your degree may be in Accounting or Finance, however the situation in which those skills are applied directly correlate to your performance and satisfaction in a specific role. Understanding your own Temperament tremendously enhances your career success in terms of personal choice and placement in the most effective and satisfying position.  Individual Temperament is an influential determinant of how you respond to the environment in which you apply your skill or education. Understanding your individual temperament proclivities can be key to your success.

A Vocational Temperament Analysis Profile and Counseling is available through Sanctuary Counseling.

Career consultation and professional resume development is made available by Dr. Teri Keith through Elegant Resumes & Entrepreneural Development.