Association has various levels of participation in accordance to your advancement in the program. You are a Student Associate during Phase I of the NCCA Program and will receive a counseling credential upon completion of that Phase. At that time you should be more active in the clinical portion of the program and you will be deemed to be an Intern Associate. Upon completion of Phase II for the NCCA program you will become an Associate Member of Sanctuary Counseling. Further advancement to Professional Associate will be determined by venue in counseling. There will be no direct charge for any of the Six Levels of the Seminar Training Series. However, to remain in the professional association and the intensive program, active participation in the NCCA Course of Study is required. The association fee is $150 per month and encompassed all the  Clinical Supervision and Association with Sanctuary Counseling and Evangelistic Ministries, as will as the training seminar series which is a $450 value unless at a retreat venue.  Regular attendance is required for the seminar training as each student has a commitment to the group and the dynamic of exchange, as well as to stay on track with the others for the sake of team unity. The training seminars are to be offered quarterly as a normal pattern, but one advantage of Sanctuary is that a variety of patterns are offered and when needed programs are tailored.

Clinical Supervision and intensive training is generally conducted bi-weekly and in a staffing format that allows great diversity of materials and disciplines to be incorporated into the academic course of study and the training seminar materials. In that staffing venue we will be discussing real cases, most of which will be active at that time and open for discussion as the students are encouraged to offer opinion and train of thought for course of action, as well as questions that provoke more intensive levels of training.  You will need to come prepared with specific questions and case studies. A written report is required by the NCCA each temperament case for those who are pursuing license and degree, however the Sanctuary  Professional Association  requires a highly professional endeavor and that discipline will be well trained. It is a wonderful learning experience.  The clinical supervision and advanced training may continue for the lifetime of  the organization providing professional standards of ethics and character remain.

Sanctuary Counseling
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