Sanctuary Counseling
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Clinical Supervision

For those who desire  Certification, Licensure  & Degree through the National Christian Counslors Association's  Counseling Program online course of study as offered within the context of Sanctuary School of Clinical Pastoral Counseling, requirement for the NCCA Clinical Supervision is offered for a fee $60 per hour, whether by phone or in person, in order to fulfill the 3 hour requirement for Phase I and Phase II each. Although the NCCA requirement is minimal, you may elect to take advantage of the Supervision by the hour as many times as you desire, however the definition and level of training will be within the scope of the NCCA program alone. 

Whether you choose the NCCA Counseling Program alone or you elect to enter into a more relational mentoring style training  of the Sanctuary Advanced Program in Counseling Ministry and intensive training environment it provides, Temperament Therapy is an excellent counseling modal to immediately bring tremendous resolution to your client.

Which ever path you choose,  please keep in mind that the NCCA Level III Coursework of Advanced Certifications span a breadth of Pastoral Counseling Disciplines which are uniquely amazing. I encourage each student to explore that level of counseling education whether or not you choose to study the more complex issues offered through the Sanctuary Professional Association of Clinical Pastoral Counselors.  For those who desire a closer walk and more intensive training in comprehensive approach to counseling ministry it is a clear option for those who are so disciplined.