Sanctuary Counseling
       & Evangelistic Ministries

Program One Program: Certified Pastoral Counselor, not degree

Program Two: Licensed Pastoral Counselor, Bachelors

Program Three: Licensed Clinical Pastoral Counselor, Masters

Program Four: Licensed Clinical Pastoral Counselor -Advanced Certified, Doctorate

Program Five:  Licensed and second PhD

Phase I
Basic Christian Counseling, Temperament Theory, Testing & Measurements Temperament Therapy and Christian Psychology and Counseling

Additional  Requirements

 Complete a practicum. This consist of administering the A.P.S. to
 10 individuals under the direction of an assigned and approved clinical supervisor.

Upon completion of the required courses submit
Written  responses to 50 ethical questions posed by the N.C.C.A. 's Licensing Board of Examiners
$50 for first year's annual dues
A signed Application for Certification/Membership form and
 A signed copy of N.C.C.A.'s Code of Ethical  Standards