Professional consultation is available not only to counseling ministers, but also to counseling professionals of all venues.

Whether working in the pastorate, private practice, or within an organization serving populations that can benefit from the expertise of this ministry, individual consultation is available on a one time basis or in an ongoing contractual arrangement.

Consultation is offered to a full range of ministry related persons such as: Christian Counselors, Teachers, Church Group Leaders and Employers, as well as Mental Health and Social Workers.  This ministry extends to those who are actively involved in community and community outreach endeavors. Particular emphasis is toward those working with children.

Effective training patterns are available for individuals or groups and may be tailored by design to suit your specific need.  Consultation is available by phone in person.

Initial Consultation    $150 with subsequent appointments for $90

                                        Contractual services on 3 month basis available 

Group Training           Available by contractual arrangement, designed

                                        to be both affordable and effective.

Sanctuary Counseling
       & Evangelistic Ministries