Sanctuary Advocacy

Sanctuary Counseling
       & Evangelistic Ministries

Founded in 2014, Sanctuary Advocacy provides Advocate Services, Case Management and resources to the Chronically Homeless and Mentally Ill within the indigent venue. Comprehensive resources and referrals for food and shelter are readily provided to all. However formal application and recommendation are also provided within the Case Management venue giving assistance and access to Transitional Programs for Housing and daily living support to succeed in life. Other needs addressed are issues of Unemployment and Education, as well as Mental and Physical Health. Sanctuary develops working relationships with local professional such as with attorneys who specialize in disability benefits.

We provide Case Management,Individual Counseling and Support Groups to select individuals when sponsored by cooperating organizations. Sanctuary offers a 12-week comprehensive Transitional Program within the context of an ongoing Support Group. The program is comprised of courses designed as interactive study in the areas of Personal Transformation and Social Adaptation,  developing viable Goals and corresponding Action Plans.  The passion is a ground level  outreach to the underprivileged, homeless and mentally ill, developing trust through relationship.

The program was founded within the community of Denton, Texas and is a naturally developed structure that is easily adaptable to any community. Sanctuary Advocacy seeks to promote outreach to the homeless in these established highly successful patterns, and consistently seeks those who are like-minded. Flexible patterns are available to help those who desire to positively affect their community and the individuals of which it is comprised.  Whether a church, a social-minded organization or simply an individual with heart and a vision, Sanctuary Advocacy stands ready to effectively equip in a very proven and practical way.