With the context of Sanctuary School of Clinical Pastoral Counseling, which is a Certified Academic Institution of the National Christian Counselors Association, as a  Clinical Supervisor of the NCCA  I will facilitate Training and Supervision in two very distinct patterns without compromising the purposes of either.

The NCCA online course of study for Certification, Licensure and Degree is available to those who are  interested in the academic program alone, apart from Advanced Training,Intensive Supervision and ongoing Ministerial Association within a Staffing Venue of Sanctuary Professional Association of Clinical Pastoral Counselors . The NCCA requirement for Clinical Supervision is minimal, however through Sanctuary it is not limited and available for the same hourly rate throughout the program. If this is the path chosen, the NCCA guidelines will dictate the professional relationship. It is very important that a student carefully choose their educational and training path initially, because the patterns, requirements and relationship boundaries are quite distinguished.

 The NCCA program is a vital component of the Sanctuary Advanced Program in Counseling Ministry that is offered through membership in the Sanctuary Professional Association of Clinical Pastoral Counselors, and as such is intrinsically enfolded. Sanctuary does not offer a classroom venue, but rather a closely relational Clinical Supervision and covenantal mentoring within a professional staffing venue well into the future. 

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